1. Call your favorite videographer. Make sure he has extra batteries. Let’s do this.
  2. Work on nailing new clips at your local spot or somewhere resembling Trestles. Remember: this is Lowers, not Jaws. We’re looking for high-performance maneuvers in high-performance waves with as much variation  (lefts, rights, airs, turns) as possible.
  3. Once you have a solid arsenal of clips, map them out according to the contest bracket provided here. We're looking for eight stellar, UNPUBLISHED waves, with two amazing clips per round from Round One to the Final.
  4. Watch our example submission below to make sure you followed step 3 correctly. Hint: you’re going to want to save your best waves for last.
  5. Fill out the submission form below and wait to see if you’ve made the cut (announced July 22); if you did, be sure to promote your videos once the voting period commences. Use the hashtag #hurleyprotrials when promoting.

So, prepare your clips or get ready to click. Either way, you’ll be part of history by choosing the first ASP World Tour wildcard surfer based on popular vote.

Submissions are closed.

Heats will be man-on-man format, pitting one surfer's two waves against another's. Starting July 29, we'll run one round a day, giving you a chance to vote. The video with the most votes per heat will advance to the next round. The Final will be held Thursday,
August 1.

  1. We are looking for unpublished, unedited, raw material. Eight waves, no music.
  2. Restricted to American citizens only (Hawaii counts).
  3. Must be 13 or older to participate. Groms have to wait a year or two.
  4. No Hurley teamriders. Sorry, Hurley guys.
  5. Judging criteria will be weighted HEAVILY on high-performance waves – both lefts and rights – similar to Lower Trestles. And we’re sure it’s amazing, but we’re not looking for a greatest hits compilation of your best waves at Pipe, G-Land or Skeleton Bay.

For Official Rules Click Here